Alisha Langenbach

Rhythmic space
3D animation

A 3D animation based on the exploration of  space through architecture, textures and organic forms. 

Entrance– Building Atmospheres
Book design

A re-design for the #91 Oase journal with its theme “Building Atmospheres”.  This edition of OASE focuses on "Atmosphere" as the central theme of architecture. It's guest-edited by well-known Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa. Both of them have independently recognized atmosphere as the fundamental essence of architecture, and this issue delves into their perspectives on the subject.

The Overstory

Book design

A re-design of Richard Powers’ book the Overstory. A book that contains out of the main book and folded sheets. Richard Powers wrote a story in which trees are the main character and the life of the families in the book are intertwined with each other.



A set of animations based on several scores of the Fluxis event score book. “The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event score date back to John Cage's famous class at The New School, where artists began to create art works and performances in musical form. One of these forms was the event. Events tend to be scores in brief verbal notations. These notes are known as event scores."

This is where the fun begins

Identity and book design

Together with graphic designers Isa Tamrouti and Matthijs Afman, we created a generative identity by using code for the DBKV study at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Each year, during May, June, and July, over 600 graduates showcase their final projects as part of ArtEZ University of the Arts. These presentations span various forms of artistic expression including dance, theater, presentations, concerts, performances, fashion shows, and exhibitions across Arnhem, Enschede, and Zwolle in the Netherlands. 

City of Mannheim

Exhibition design

MARCHIVUM, based in Mannheim, organized an exhibition showcasing the city's history. During my internship at Studio S/M/L in Berlin, I contributed to this exhibition, which had been in preparation for three years. It's an engaging experience featuring video installations, 3D objects, virtual rides, and more, all narrating the story of Mannheim's past.

I’m not done yet

Book design

During my internship at Studio S/M/L in Berlin, I contributed to the initial stages of a catalog for an exhibition titled “I’m not done yet” at the Kunstverein in Hannover. This exhibition features the work of artist and poet Kameelah Janan Rasheed.