Alisha Langenbach

This edition of OASE focuses on "Atmosphere" as the central theme of architecture. It's guest-edited by well-known Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa. Both of them have independently recognized atmosphere as the fundamental essence of architecture, and this issue delves into their perspectives on the subject.

Zumthor, a Swiss architect, considers "atmosphere" a crucial concept in his work. In his book "Atmospheres" (1996), he discusses various themes that contribute to the architectural atmosphere he strives to achieve. OASE, a platform for architectural exchange, discusses with Zumthor the relevance of his ideas in today's context and how these elements are incorporated into the design and construction processes. Juhani Pallasmaa, a Finnish architect, connects the concept of atmosphere in architecture to insights from fields like psychology and visual arts. Zumthor and Pallasmaa also highlight contemporary architects who they believe successfully create atmospheric spaces through their designs and constructions.

With the theme of architecture and atmosphere in mind, I design theOASE #92 issue, using text and image as furniture, decorating pages as rooms.