Alisha Langenbach

MARCHIVUM, the archive based in Mannheim which also holds it’s city’s rich history, organized an exhibition showcasing the city's history. During my internship at Studio S/M/L in Berlin, I contributed to this exhibition, which had been in preparation for three years. It's an engaging experience featuring video installations, 3D objects, virtual rides, and more, all narrating the story of Mannheim's past.

When I joined the team, the exhibition's overall identity had already been crafted. My role focused on the final segment, which explores the modern city of Mannheim, alongside timelines of its development. Using Adobe XD and Illustrator, I created slides for an animated 5-minute presentation depicting the city's evolution and population growth in different districts. The wall where this animation was displayed had two layers: a printed map and a projected, animated map. My task involved designing the slides for both the animation and the printed map on the wall.