Alisha Langenbach

An exhibition about the history of the City of Mannheim by MARCHIVUM, Mannheim.
Working as an intern for Studio S/M/L which is based in Berlin, I worked on an exhibition in which preparations took three years, for our client in Mannheim. This is an interactive exhibition that contains video installations, 3D objects, a virtual ride, and much more. Through these ideas, a story about the history of Mannheim is narrated. When I joined the team, the identity of the exhibition had already been carefully designed. I took on the last part of the exhibition which was about the city Mannheim you know today as well as the other part of the exhibition that shows timelines. For this, I created a storyboard to come up with ideas on how the content can be narrated through a timeline, how the timeline should look, and how this interacts with the viewer. 

Typisch Mannheim! Die Stadtgeschichtliche Ausstellung          
Studio S/M/L