During my internship at Studio S/M/L in Berlin,  our client asked for the design of a catalog ith its theme, the solo exhibition of Kameelah Janan Rasheed at the Kunstverein in Hannover. 

The exhibition, I am not done yet,  gathers work from the last ten years of Kameelah’s practice and distributes it across the six rooms at the Kunstverein Hannover and outdoor public spaces. The show takes its title from Lucille Clifton’s 1974 poem “I am not done yet” where the poet gestures toward the poetics, politics, and pleasures of the unfinished-the unfinished sentence, the unfinished thought, the unfinished revolution, the unfinished self.

I am not done yet, offers a body of work that considers questions of the unfinished knowledge and the imperative of ongoing learning through Black storytelling and Islamic mysticism.

I am not done yet           
Kameelah Janan Rasheed 
Exhibited at the Kunstverein Hannover

In his book "The Overstory", Pulitzer Prize acclaimed author Richard Powers invites you to discover nine stories about trees that are deeply interconnected with the humans surrounding them.

From being silent bystanders to becoming overarching characters, the timber creatures reflect people's struggle of being disconnected from one's roots and purpose in life. Experience photosynthesis (life), putrefaction (death), germination (birth), and fertilization (love) in a heavy-blooming story about the unrecognized miracle of nature. In its structure, the book ramifies from decentralized narratives about broken families and estranged generations to the beauty of powerful communities of activism. As a reader, you start following the individual characters with little connection to each other wondering when and how they will come together. Every character either denies its bond to the trees they are assigned to or embraces the mirroring in their own cycle of life. The separation of the nine lives culminated with the formation of the tenth character: the forest. Playing with life and death, "The Overstory" creates a new perspective of the relationships between people and nature, leading you on the path of discovering the resistance that protects it, in other words, the understory.