This project came about when I started to navigate myself as an introvert through the art world, what I mean by this is that society (and the art world) are structured in a way, that you need to perform in an extrovert role to sell yourself and your works. Marketing yourself as an artist is essential to being successful. But not everyone has the social skills or is interested in doing that. Since I felt uncomfortable with the pressure to perform, I sought a solution. With my interest for 3D and the virtual realm, I came to the idea of making a virtual safe space, a space that functions as a break-out room for me, to draw back from social pressures. While you are physically approachable anytime, mentally you are in a different environment.
Virtual safe space          

My research started with spaces, both public and private and how we perceive a safe space. A safe space can be a space where you can speak freely without being judged by the opinion of others. But it can also be a space where you can be alone, where you can be yourself and relax. In terms of materiality, a space can feel safe because of the (familiar) objects that surround us.  The virtual space that I created contains out of objects that make me feel safe and have the colours of textures that surround me in the “real” environment. 

The view and sounds of nature make me feel relaxed and in the video these sounds, I combine them with the sounds of a record player which happens to be a hobby of mine. It is a space you can escape to.

When everything around us is already thoroughly structured, maybe we can use the virtual realm to re-structure certain aspects of the “real” world. But without its spatial and social limitations.